McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook by Jerry Howett

McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook

Book Title: McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 0071407073

Author: Jerry Howett

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Jerry Howett with McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook

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Practice makes perfect with McGraw-Hill's updated GED Workbook series, which reflects the 2002 test guidelines. These workbooks provide invaluable hands-on experience for students as they tackle hundreds of GED format questions and check results against an answer key. Simulated test-taking situations boost not only content retention but also confidence for the big day. Ideal study guides for a student weak in a particular subject area or sitting for one GED test at a time, these activity books function as a companion to McGraw-Hill's GED Test titles and McGraw-Hill's GED.